2013 Highlights

December 2013

Congrats to Dan and Seth for earning there Purple belts in BJJ. and Congrats to Dean on earning his Blue belt in BJJ. They have all worked so hard. Keep up the good work guys!!!!

Big Congrats to Trent and Sutter on earning there Yellow belts in BJJ. They have put in tons of time and hard work. All the kids in our BJJ program are doing a great job. In no time these kids will become adults, and BJJ in Klamath Falls will never be the same. And thats a great thing!!!

November 2013


2013 Turkey Tourney!!!

We held our first BJJ Turkey Tourney ever.  All the kids did a great job and we couldn't be prouder. Its so amazing to be a part of so many kid's lives.  What a great day.

Dojo Nerd Night 2013. 

We bring all the teen kids together from all the different classes and play video games until midnight.  We eat only junk food and have a great time. This is a great way for the kids to just enjoy each others company and have fun.

Randy and Dan attended the World Jiu Jitsu Expo in Long Beach, CA this year.  There were tons of Seminars, a tournament, and lots of super fights.  They learned a lot of cool stuff and meet tons of BJJ Super Stars.  Its was a great weekend for them Both.

Thank You Wendy for send us there.

October 2013

Oct 23rd 2013

Great day for some Karate testing.  Everyone did a great job. We are so proud of everyone's hard work.

Oct 22nd 2013

We held a karate testing in Malin, OR. Everyone did awesome. There are some amazing martial artist coming out of this little town. We are so happy to be a part.

Oct 23rd 2013, our Adult class also had testing and did an amazing job too.

Oct 24th 2013

Two of our BJJ kids tested for there yellow belts.  There did an awesome job and showed everyone how hard work pays off. The both doing a great job and we are all so proud.

Great job Cole & Alex!!!!!

September 2013

On Sept. 7th 2013 in Hillsboro, OR Team Mountain Warrior went to work.  We took 9 competitors with us and they all did a great job. 

We took home:

2 Gold Medals
8 Silver Medals
3 Bronze Medals

Our Team ranked 9th in the state. Great work to all of you.


On Sept. 21th 2013 Nic Gregoriades put on a great seminar for us here at MWAMA. We learned tons of new stuff and had a great time hanging out with Nic.  Thank you so much Nic. 

July 2013


MWAMA hosted a sparring seminar by Team Ezra.  Sifu Leo Hoeft and Sifu Robert were amazing.  We learned tons of great stuff and had a great time. 


We had the first annual "MWAMA Southern Oregon Invitational Kids BJJ Tournament". It was a great time. All the kids did a great job and we saw some amazing Jiu Jitsu. 


June 2013


What a great June!!!! Way to start off summer with all these sunny faces. The pictures say it all!!!

Congrats to all the students that earned a promotion. 


A big congrats goes out to Joe and Don for earning there black belts in Karate.  Tons of hard work and lots of time spent.  Great job!!!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to little Coco for earning her gray belt in BJJ.  She is a true warrior.

May 2013

On Wednesday May 29th 2013

Riley is our first purple belt.  Funny story about Riley, he was MWAMA's 3rd BJJ student. Before finding MWAMA Riley would search the web once a month for BJJ in Klamath Falls.  For some time the search would come up empty. But one day our school popped up and he has been with was every since.  We are all so proud of Riley!!!!!!!!!!!

Keep up the good work.

On Monday May 20th 2013.

Congrats to Josi for becoming MWAMA's first female blue belt in BJJ!!!!  She has worked hard for 4 years (on and off) to earn her blue belt.  She is one amazing young lady.  We couldn't be more proud!!!

May 17-18 2013.

Randy, Seth, Dan and Cody hit the road for a fun Jiu Jitsu weekend away. First we stopped at Cassio Werneck's School in Sacramento.  It was tons of fun and everyone there was great.

Then on Saturday we attended the 2013 Caio Terra Mundial Training Camp in San Jose, CA.  We meet tons of great people and had a great time. 3 Training sessions in one day was hard work but it was fun.

May 10-11 2013.

MWAMA attended the 2013 Pacific Jewel Nationals in Vancouver, WA.  7 of our students competed and all of them did a great job. For 6 of the competitors this was the first time at a national tournament. All there hard work a dedication has paid off.  Keep up all the hard work.  We are so proud!!!!


On May 4, 2013 The Mountain Warrior Teams where super busy. Some of our BJJ team competed in Hillsboro, OR.  They all put there skills to the test and did a great job.  We couldn't be more proud.

Cody took 2nd place in his first blue belt Tourney and 2nd in No-Gi. 
Seth took 4th is his Blue Belt devision. 
Randy took 2nd in his advanced No-Gi devision. What a come back he has made!!! Great job. 
Ezra did a great job and fought hard in Gi and got 4th in his No-Gi devision. 

On the same day in Medford, OR some of our Karate students attended a 5 hour sparring seminar.  We learned tons of new stuff and we will be bringing it to all out students.

April 2013

On April 27th 2013 in Medford, OR the team at MWAMA competed in a Karate tournament.  Everyone did a great job and the whole team put in tons of hard work and it paid off. All the students looked amazing. Nice job!!!


Congratulations to Andrew and Cody for earning there Blue Belts in BJJ.  Both men have worked super hard and deserved there promotions.  We are so glad to have them in our Jits Family.

Looking forward to seeing where the future take these to great guys. 

March 2013

On March 5, 2013 in Malin Oregon we held a Karate testing.  All the kids did a great job.  All there hard work paid off.  We had a few belt changes and tons of stripes.  Keep up all the good work. 


February 2013

On February 23, 2013 Randy Stacey held a blue belt seminar.  I was tons of fun and very informative. Its always a great time when we can all get together. Thank you Mr. Stacey for all the great training.

January 2013

On January 30th 2013.  We held testing for our Karate students.  Everyone that tested did a great job.  We had tons of belt changes this time around and lots of stripes added to belts.  Each and every person that tested worked super hard and earned there rank.

Great job to all.  Keep up all the good work.

On January 19th 2013 at Portland Community College, Rock Creek Campus Subleague put on The Ground Warrior Submission Challenge.

Our BJJ Competitors were on fire.  There hard work and training paid off well:

Gauge took 1st in Gi & 2nd in No-Gi

Anthony took 2nd in Gi & 1st in No-Gi

Chris took 2nd in Gi & 2nd in No-Gi

Mike took 1st in Gi & 1st in No-Gi

Sierra took 2nd in Gi

Ezra competed at the top of his game and rolled like a true warrior.

All in all it was a great weekend.  We got to meet tons of great people and had a great time.

All martial arts training should only be used to better ones self and as a path to higher understanding of ones self.  Martial arts should never be used with the intention of purposely seeking to cause harm to others.

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