Month of December 2014

On December 26th

Great time with great people. Day after Christmas rolls was a great success. Thank you all for coming out. We did 20 5 min rounds of rolling.

On December 16th

These kids earned some new stripes on their BJJ belts. They have worked super hard and have put in tons of mat time. The future of BJJ is looking great.


On December 6th

Dan and Austin had the great privilege of attending the Super Seminar for Toy for Tots. We had four different Black Belts teaching there favorite moves. We learned from:
Ben Baxter
Amanda Diggins
James Puopolo
Andy Hung

Month of November 2014

On November 14th & 15th

Another amazing seminar with my friend, instructor, and mentor Mr. Michael Chapman from Impact Jiu Jitsu. We always learn so much and have such a great time when Mr. Chapman is in town. We would also like to thank Byron Higinbotham and his students from Higs Gym for coming over as well. We really appreciated your support and had a blast rolling with you.

Month of October 2014

On Oct 18th

We had the great privilege to attend a Bryan Marugg Seminar at Hig's Gym in Central Point, OR. We met tons of awesome people and learned lots of cool Spider Guard and X-Guard moves. All in all this was a cool experience for all of us. Thank you Bryan Marugg and thank you to everyone at Hig's Gym.

On Oct 4th

We had the great opportunity to have Mr. Ryan Clark put on a seminar at MWAMA. We did an hour and a half of Intense drilling. Then an hour and a half of Technique. followed by a fun hour of rolling. We all had a great time and we learned a ton. Thank you Mr Ryan Clark. If you are ever in Bend, OR please check out Clarks University of Martial Arts.

Month of September 2014

Oregon Open 2014 Results - Sept 13th

This was a great weekend for our team! As you can see below everyone did an outstanding proud of each and every one of them!!!


Sierra - 2nd
Dillon - 2nd
Zoe - 3rd
Max - 3rd
Malikai - 4th
Marley - 3rd
Jayden N. - 1st
Drew - 1st
Paulie - 2nd
(also competed was Jacob D. and Corinna)


Dillon - 2nd
Zoe - 2nd
Max - 1st
Jacob D. - 2nd
Malikai - 1st
Marley - 3rd
Jayden N. - 3rd
Paulie - 2nd
(also competed was Corinna)

Like I said...OUTSTANDING!!! Congrats everyone!

Month of August 2014

On Wednesday Aug 27th

We held a Karate testing for four of our Kids in the beginners program. Christian, Elliott, Mercy, and Landon all earned there Yellow belts. They have been working hard and it paid off. Great job kiddos and keep up the hard work.

On Saturday Aug 23rd

Our BJJ students were invited to do an open mat at the park. Kids, Teens and Adults all share the mats on this beautiful day at Moore Park. We played some Jits games, and did lots of rolling. This was 3 hours of pure fun.

On Thursday Aug 21st

Today we had the great privilege of promoting 5 amazing young jits kids. I truly feel lucky to get to work with these great kids. And they never stop amazing me. Our team at MWAMA is growing fast and all their skills are improving so fast. The future of BJJ in Klamath Falls is looking great.

Lizzy, Jaydan, Christian, Hayleigh and Max all EARNED there 1st gray belt in BJJ.

On Wednesday Aug 20th

Miss Sierra has become the first ever Junior Black Belt in the history of Mountain Warrior. As some of you know, Mountain Warrior started in 1973 and has trained tons of people. Sierra started her martial arts journey at the age of 3. She has spent more then 10 years working on her Karate skills and also started teaching in most classes we have. If you have ever been to MWAMA I'm sure you have seen and/or worked with Miss Sierra.

We are so proud, keep up the great work!!!

On Wednesday Aug 20th

Tonight was an amazing night. We held a long over due testing in our Adult karate class. Everyone did an amazing job. Miss Sierra is the first ever junior Black Belt in the history of Mountain Warrior. We are so proud of the young lady she is becoming.

On Saturday Aug 16th.

We attended an event put on by Eventlaunchr in Bend OR. What an amazing time we had. The event was an open mat at Clark University where schools could come for all over and share ideas and have fun rolling. We are looking forward to more of these event. Thank you Eventlaunchr and Ryan Clark and everyone that attended.

On August 13th

What an amazing time today at Kingsley Field. All the summer camp kids got to go on a tour of the base. We even got permission to take this awesome picture. Thank you Kingsley Field, Thank You Captain Bowman, and Thank You Chuck.

On Thursday August 7th

Xander tested for his gray belt. He is one amazing young grappler. He never stops impressing us with how hard he works. What an awesome job he did. Keep up the great work. I am looking forward to seeing him grow in his Jits journey. 

Month of July 2014

On Saturday July 26th

Four MWAMA Adults drove to Roseburg, OR for an amazing Impact Jiu Jitsu Seminar. What an awesome time we all had. After the seminar we had a BBQ and went swimming in the river. It's always fun visiting our brothers and sisters in Roseburg.

Friday & Saturday - July 18th & 19th

Man oh man, this was an amazing seminar. Martin Amba and his family are some of the nicest people we have ever worked with. There is a reason that he is a 7-time national sparring champion. Their work ethic and energy is out of this world. If you ever get a chance to work with them, it will be one of the best experiences you will ever have.


On July 20th

Mr. Anthony Tran came to MWAMA and put on one of the best seminars we have ever had. Talk about a good time. We started the day off with a 2 hour open mat (9am-11am) so we could all roll together and if that wasn't enough we continued with a 3 hour seminar on Mount and Back Control with lots of Submissions. This was an awesome seminar.

Month of June 2014

On June 27th Black Belt Micheal Chapman held a kids mini seminar at MWAMA. All the kids had a great time. Mr. Chapman is an amazing instructor and he engages with the kids at an amazing level.

On June 28th we had the Teens & Adult Seminar. We did 1.5 hours of Gi training. Then we did another 1.5 hours of No-Gi training. After all that we had time with Micheal for some much needed Q&A. To say the least, we learned a TON!!!!

On June 21st in Hillsboro, OR MWAMA competed at the Subleague BJJ Tournament. All our competitors did a great job. We all had so much fun and learned a lot. These are just a few of the pictures, if you want to see more find us on Facebook.

Here are the results:

1st & 2nd
1st & 1st


On June 7th we attended the Southern Oregon Grapple-a-Thon for charity at the Clark University in Bend, OR. We had tons of fun and met so many amazing grappler's.

Andy, Cameron, and Dan all represented for Team MWAMA. Andy completed 20 five minute rounds. Dan and Cameron completed all 40 five minute rounds.

Month of May 2014

On May 17th, 6 members of MWAMA headed to Roseburg to visit our Impact Jiu Jitsu brothers and sisters. Dynamic MMA in Roseburg, OR. is one amazing school. Everyone there is super skilled and really cool. They have a great atmosphere for growing your martial arts. If you ever get a chance to train with them, do it.

Month of April 2014

On April 25th we had the great privilege to visit/train at the Clark University of Martial Arts. Ryan Clark and their whole team were super cool and friendly. This is a school we will be visiting a lot. Six members of MWAMA headed to Bend, OR. and we enjoyed an extended training class with everyone at Clark University.

On April 29th

We held a Karate testing in Malin, OR. All the kids did an amazing job and we are so proud of all there hard work. Keep it up Kiddos.

Month of March 2014

What a weekend of Fun BJJ. On March 28th we had the great privilege to visit/train at the Clark University of Martial Arts. Ryan Clack and there whole team were super cool and friendly. This is a school we will be visiting a lot.

Then on March 29th we attended a Brandon "Wolverine" Mullins seminar at the Roy Dean Academy. Brandon is an amazing instructor and we learned tons of cool new stuff. All in all it was a great weekend of jits.

Month of February 2014

On Feb 26th we held a Karate testing. All the kids and adults did an amazing job. They have been work so hard. Its so awesome watching hard work pay off. Not to mention how fun it is to see all the parents and grandparents come to support they family and friends. We could not be happier to have such a great community of people here at the dojo. Lets keep up the hard work and keep growing our dojo family.

Feb 14th-15th

What an amazing weekend. Impact Jiu Jitsu's Micheal Chapman and Bryan Marugg came to MWAMA and put on two Seminars. The first one was a kids Mini Seminar and it was amazing. The kids had a great time and learned tons. Then on Saturday they hold an adult & teen seminar. The way they broke things down was just incredible. Micheal and Bryan are awesome instructors and all around great people.

Month of January 2014

Happy New Year!!!!! It's 2014 and it's never to late to start training. Come on down and meet some great people, get in shape, and learn some life saving techniques all while having a great time.

This is one of our many great classes. In the picture you see our Monday Kali class. This is a class that focuses on stick, knife, and open hand techniques. Both fighting with and defending against weapons and attachers. This class will keep you moving and give you some life saving skills. Come on down and give it a try.

All martial arts training should only be used to better ones self and as a path to higher understanding of ones self.  Martial arts should never be used with the intention of purposely seeking to cause harm to others.

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