2015 Highlights

December 2015

On December 26st

20 5 minute rounds of rolling to celebrate Christmas being over!!! We all had a great time. Thank you to everyone that came out. See you all next week for more training.

On December 15th

What a great day for Jiu Jitsu. Today Jayce, Omar, Elliott, Tekoah and Elise all were promoted to their first Gray belt in BJJ. We are so proud of all of their hard work. Also congratulations to Mountain Warrior's 2 newest Blue Belts. Eric and Phil have worked super hard and it shows every time they step on the mats. Great job guys.

November 2015

On November 27th

20 5 minute rounds of live rolling to celebrate NOT doing Black Friday shopping. Insteed we came together as friends and family to just enjoy hanging out and doing what we love.

October 2015

On October 31st

What an awesome Halloween party. This Halloween Party is an MWAMA tradition that we have done for years. Its so much fun dressing up and just having a great time with all the kids.

On October 24th

Impact Jiu Jitsu team Mountain Warrior was in the house and we all worked our butts off. We where all looking for the gold but at the end we left with 2 Silvers and 1 Bronze. Not to bad for a day's work. We all learned some lessons and we all have tons to work on. Now we will set our eyes on the 2016 tournament season. Thank you to all my coaches, teammates, and training partners. Thank you to all my Friends and Family for all the support. With out all of you this would not have ever happened.

September 2015

On September 25th-26th

This was my first time competing at Master Worlds. It was a great experence and I will be doing it for many years. I can definitely tell you that the whole Impact team left everything on the mat. I'm so proud to be a part of this amazing team/family. I want to thank all my coaches, teammates, friends and family that all support me, believe in me and always help me grow (in Jiu Jitsu and in life). And I also want to thank every man, woman and child at MWAMA for allowing me to pursue my dreams.

On a side note, it was awesome seeing all the grapplers from all over Oregon at this tournament. So many schools and so many friends testing their skills at the highest level. I am proud to be a part of the northwest grappling scene and share the mats with all of you.

On September 7th

To celiberate Labor Day we all got together to put in some work. Their are very few things more fun then park jits. And we have a very beautiful park and we had an awesome day.

August 2015

On August 1st

What an amazing day of Jits at Hig's Gym. My friend Peter received his brown belt today. He put on a great demo and proved his skill by rolling with everyone there. Thank you guys for having us and we look forward to training with you all for many years. — with Nik Gomes and 3 others at Higs Gym.

July 2015

On July 25th

What an amazing Seminar full of great concepts and techniques. We will be able to put this stuff in our game immediately. It was an awesome start to our day on Saturday. Thank you for having this seminar and inviting us to join you guys. — at Dynamic Martial Arts.

On July 18th

Want an awesome day of Jiu Jitsu. Thank you James Malone for letting us join your amazing Saturday class. This was a great gym exchange. Sharing the mats with amazing people is what we are all about. — with Martin Tabaco, James Malone, Sarah Dahl-Skinner, Martin Balakas, Maximillian Balakas, Brian Taylor, Phillip Spears, Art Hatch, Nik Gomes, Eric Herigstad, Gina Johnson and Daniel Macias.

On July 11th

Siskiyou Showdown Results - July 11th (Central Point, OR)

•Omar - 2nd
•Alix - 2nd
•(also competed: Matt in Kata and Weapons)
Point Sparring:
•Daniel - 2nd
•Alix - 3rd
•Omar - 1st
•Christian - 1st
•Matt - 2nd
•(also competed: Tayler)

Great job everyone!

June 2015

On June 20th

What an awesome day!!! 6 of MWAMA's students went up to Portland to compete in the Subleague championships. And man did they perform great. Here it is:

•Paulie - 2nd Gi
•Drew - 1st Gi
•Ethan - 1st Gi
•Zoe K - 2nd Gi and 2nd Gi higher wt
•Chainsaw - 1st Gi
•Dillion - 1st Gi
•Ethan - 4th NoGi
•Zoe K - 3rd NoGi

Like I said, it was a great day. Everyone worked sooooo hard and we are so proud of all of you!!!

May 2015

On May 8th & 9th

Pacific Jewel Nationals Tournament Results (finally)

May 8th/9th held in Vancouver, WA. As always Team MWAMA represented themselves and the school amazingly!

Traditional Kata:
Alix - 3rd (NBL Black Belt Division)
Anita - 3rd
Simon - 2nd
Tayler - 3rd
Omar - 2nd
Wendy - 4th (NBL Black Belt Division. First competition in 28 years! 4th out of 6 competitors men and women combined division)

Traditional Weapons:
Tavian - 2nd
James - 3rd
Reuben - 2nd

Point Sparring:
Ron - 3rd (NBL BB Division)
Alix - 2nd (NBL BB Division)
James - 1st and 2nd (entered two different divisions)
Reuben - 1st
Tayler - 2nd
Omar - 3rd

Congratulations to everyone....we are so proud of each and every one of you!


On May 1st

Impact Jiu Jitsu team Mountain Warrior has two new blue belts!!!! I am so proud of both these guys for all the hard work they have put in. I'm so proud to share the mats with both of these guys. Our future is looking great.


On May 1st-2nd

Impact Seminar here at MWAMA

What an awesome day of Jiu Jitsu. 4 school from southern Oregon came together for an awesome seminar lead by 3 Impact Jiu Jitsu black belts. I want to thank all the people from Hig's Gym, Joint Lock and Dynamic Martial Arts for make the drive and sharing the mats with us. It is truly an honor to spend time with ALL of you. I also want to thank all the MWAMA students and helpers for supporting and helping us put this on. You guys are amazing!!!!

April 2015

On April 25th

Dan had the great opportunity to attend the Chris Herzog Seminar in Central Point, OR.

What an awesome seminar. Thank you to all our 10th planet brothers and sisters for a great day. This Chris Herzog seminar was amazing.

On April 18th

We attended the Chip Wright's Karate Tournament in Medford, OR. What a great time we all had. Everyone worked super hard up to the tournament and they all performed amazing. There are the results:

21 Competitors = 35 Medals

Traditional Kata:
Anita 2nd
Caiden 3rd
Christian 1st
Daniel 2nd
James 4th
Omar 1st
Quentin 3rd
Reuben 1st
Simon 1st
Tayler 2nd
Terrina 3rd
Adyson 3rd
(also competed Airionna, Alix, Cameron, Hezi, Isabelle, Kage, Matt, Seth)

Traditional Weapons:
Anita 2nd
James 3rd
Matt 4th
Quentin 4th
Reuben 2nd
Simon 1st
Adyson 3rd
(also competed Caiden and Tayler)

Point Sparring:
Alix 3rd
Caiden 2nd
Christian 1st
Daniel 1st
James 3rd Intermediate Division AND 1st in Seniors
Kage 4th
Omar 1st
Quentin 2nd
Reuben 1st
Simon 1st
Tayler 1st
Terrina 2nd
Adyson 3rd
Ron 2nd
(also competed Airionna, Cameron, Hezi, Isabelle, Matt, Seth)

Open Kata:
Simon 1st

Team Sparring:
Alix's Team took 2nd (she was with two student from Chips)
Team MWAMA took 3rd (Reuben, Simon, and Kage)

High Kick Contest:
Adyson was in the top 4
Isabelle 2nd

Flag Sparring:
John Ashton won a match and represented the MWAMA Little Warriors like a champ! 

On April 11th

Subleague Qualifier #1 in Hillsboro, OR.

Congrats to Zoe and Dillion on their performance at the subleague qualifier #1 today. They both had some amazing battles and fought so hard to the very end. They both were super aggressive and went after their opponents. Zoe took home two 3rd place medals and Dillion took home a 2nd place medal. Great job guys and keep up the hard work.

March 2015

March 10th-16th

Dan and Andy had the great privilege of competing at the 2015 Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship. It was a great learning experience and an all around great time. The whole Impact Jiu Jitsu team did an amazing job.

On a special note, Armand Debruge won the Gold (1st place) in the light weight masters 2 black belt division.

Now Dan turns his sights on Masters Worlds in September!!!! This is going to be a great year of competing for all of us at MWAMA.

Thank you everyone for the support.

On March 11th

On March 10th Andy and Dan flew to Irvine, CA to compete in the Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship. On Wednesday the 11th they stop by Chris Haueter's house to get in some training. It's not everyday that you get to train with your instructor's, instructor. We had a ton of fun and it was soooo nice to roll with everyone there.

Thank you so much Chris and Melissa Haueter for letting us train. You are both amazing people.

February 2015

On February 28th

Dan and Andy attended a Megaton Seminar at Clark University of Martial Arts. This seminar was on competing in IBJJF tournaments and how the rules and points work. It was perfect timing for both of us. We learned a lot of cool stuff about competing (training, mindset, rules, and points). This seminar was a great way to send us off to the Pan Jiu Jitsu Championship.

On February 11th

We had the great privilege of promoting two of our amazing students to the black belt in Karate. Both Alix Lokey and Daniel Cates have put in tons of training and have worked SOOOOO hard. We are so proud of them and look forward to seeing what the future holds for them both.

Please check out these highlight videos below.

January 2015

On January 18th

Thank you so much Ryan Clark for opening your school today for open mat and to the guys from Joint Lock for joining us on the mats. Always a pleasure to make the trip up and roll with you guys!

Bend, OR

On January 10th

What an amazing time today at HIG's GYM. We joined then for Byron's Birthday rolls along with Roy Dean. We all had a blast. We rolled hard, had fun, and made tons of new friends.

Central Point, OR

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