2016 Highlights

December 2016

2016 has been an awesome year. Thank you all!!! Here is a fun video of our year end open mat. See you all in 2017.

Noverber 2016

On Noverber 29th

I am so proud of how All of our Dojo Community has come together to help support the people in need right here in Klamath Falls. As a team we raised 592.8 pounds of food. Thank you to everyone that helped out with this food drive.

On Noverber 17th

Congrats to Jack on earning his 1st Gray Belt in BJJ tonight. This young man has worked super hard and showed everyone today how amazing he is. We are all so proud of him and we look forward to seeing what the future will bring for him.

October 2016

On October 22nd

Karate Tournament results from todays tournament in Medford at Chip Wright's.
Caleb 2nd
Rylan 2nd

Flag Sparring:
Rylan 1st
Lincoln 2nd
**Little Warrior Xander did this event as well....did awesome and had fun!

Point Sparring:
Audrey 1st
Rylan 1st
Lincoln 3rd
Emma also competed today and really did a tremendous job!
So proud of all of the competitors!


On October 12th

Mr. Dillon Taylor is officially the newest member of our group of black belts. I am so proud of this young man. He has worked so hard for so many years and couldn't be more deserving of this promotion! He has enriched our lives, our dojo, and the other students around him. I was honored to have the privilege of presenting him with his well earned promotion tonight!

September 2016

On September 24th

Oregon Open Results
11 of our amazing students traveled to Salem, Or for this event and man did they do amazing!!!! They all worked so hard leading up to this tournament and where super prepared....and it paid off big time as you can see below. I could not be more proud of each and everyone of them!!!

Gi Results
Jack 1st
Dominic 2nd
CamCord 1st
James 1st
Baca 3rd (adult men's division)
Justun 3rd
Jacob 2nd
Zoe 2nd
Dana 2nd
Chainsaw and DT both were bumped up to the adult men's division and gave it hell. They performed with some of the best Jiu Jitsu I have ever seen them do! Dillon won his first match and lost second match to one advantage point! Chainsaw lost his frost match to the guy who went on to take first in the division.

NoGi Results
Jack 1st
Dominic 1st
CamCord 2nd
James 3rd
Baca 3rd
Justun 4th
Jacob 3rd
Zoe 2nd
Dana 3rd (adult intermediate)
Chainsaw 2nd (adult intermediate)
DT 3rd (adult intermediate)
So proud!!!!


Congrats to Gavin, Logan, Lyndsee, Ari, Omar, Lily, Rylan, Lincoln and Zara

Augest 2016

On Augest 20th

Kids Worlds 2016 was great. All the kids had hard matches and none of them where easy. These 5 kids worked super hard.

Here are our results:
DT - silver in Gi
Chainsaw - bronze Gi , silver NoGi
Justin - bronze Gi, Gold NoGi
James - silver Gi, silver NoGi
Dom - worked his butt off but didn't make it to the podium today. His worked work was very evident and he rolled well.

July 2016

On July 30th

So this is how our day went..... Everyone did an amazing job. This picture is of Lyndsee after winning twice in under a minute.

Results of the 2016 Subleague Championships:
Jack - 3rd in Gi
Lyndsee - 2nd in Gi & 1st NoGi
Chainsaw - 1st in Gi
Ari - 2nd NoGi
Ari competed in Gi and show more improvement than anyone I have ever seen. We are all so proud of her. Chainsaw had two other people sign up for NoGi but they all were no shows.

On July 23rd

Chainsaw and Dan had a great time at the seminar in Redmond Oregon with our extended family Joint Lock. Anytime we get to train with Walter we are sure to learn some cool stuff.

On July 11th

Congratulations to Kevin Lynn tonight on his amazing testing! He has come such along way and we are so proud of him!

May 2016

On May 7th

Another amazing seminar at MWAMA. Thank you to Coach Michael and all of you that attended! Shout out to Joint Lock and Higs Gym for making the trip....we really appreciate the support!

April 2016

On April 9th & 10th

Phil and Dan attended a re-hab/pre-hab seminar for combat athletes at Industrial Strength Portland. We learned tons of cool stuff to help keep us on the mats. We covered issues in the Neck, Back, Knees, Ankles, Shoulders, Elbows, and Wrist. If you have any questions about helping these areas please just ask.

On April 5th

What an awesome time at Hig's Gym. Thank you to the whole team at Hig's for making this day so fun. And thank you to the 21 students from MWAMA for coming over the hill to train. I wish we would have taking this picture earlier when everyone was there. But this is still a great pic.

March 2016

On March 5th

18 of MWAMA's grapplers traveled from Klamath Falls to Redmond Oregon (150 miles). We where hosted by Joint Lock where we joined a 2 1/2 hour class/open mat. Thank you so much to the whole crew at Joint Lock for an amazing day with our Jiu Jitsu brothers and sisters.

February 2016

On February 14th

What an awesome day for Impact Jiu Jitsu team MWAMA. These kids have worked super hard and they were all excited to represent Impact Jiu Jitsu at the largest kids tournament in the world!!!! With a record number of 1,070 competitors. Our small town team of six kids left with 5 bronze and 1 gold. These kids proved that they belong on the largest stage on an international level.

January 2016

On January 14th

Today was bitter sweat. It was a fun class full of people but it was also Eric's last night training with us. He is moving to Grant Pass, OR. Luckily he is only 2 hours away and can visit often. He will be missed everyday that he is gone.

On January 10th

Their is nothing better then hanging out with friends. On Sunday 4 of ‪‎MWAMA's‬ grapplers join the guys at ‪‎Higs Gym‬ to celebrate Byron's Birthday. He did 38 rounds of rolling for his 38 years of life. To say the least....we had a blast.

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