2017 Highlights

December 2017

Noverber 2017

On Noverber 18th

What an awesome Seminar. We got to learn to ton of cool stuff and at the same time help out a great cause. Thank you Michael Currier for all the great info. We held a charity seminar to help out One Tail At A Time. It's a no kill shelter for dogs. OTATpdx please keep up the great work.

October 2017

Halloween 2017

We are so blessed to be surrounded by all of these amazing people.... our dojo family! Thank you all who came out to our party! We tried getting picture of each of you but it was kind of crazy as you can see....so if we missed you we are sorry. Hope you all have a safe and happy Halloween!!!

October Promotions

September 2017

On September 16th

Oregon Open 2017!!! We signed up for 4 divisions and we are leaving with 4 medals!!! Impact Jiu JItsu team Mountain Warrior was in the house. Here are our results:

Josh - Gold in NoGi
Mike - Silver in NoGi
Chainsaw - 1st in NoGi and 2nd in Gi

All in all it was a great day.

September Promotion

August 2017

On August 19th

Thank you Woody and everyone that came out to this amazing Seminar. This seminar in helping us take our martial arts into the 21st century.

On August 11th-13th

What a great 3 days of Jiu JItsu. 5 of MWAMA's BJJ practitioners had the great privilege of attending the first War Tribe Summit in Sisters, Oregon. We had 5 world class instructors and we all learned a ton of cool stuff. Thank you Milton Bastos, Mackenzie Dern, Caio Terra BJJ, Paulo Brandao, Brian Olson. And thank you War Tribe Gear for putting on this great event.

August Promotions

July 2017

July Promotions

On July 8th

Chainsaw takes 3rd after 2 super hard fought matches. I am sooooo proud of his performance.

His first match was with the kids in the white gi, the match ended 0-0. Neither person could score a single point or an advantage. The referee called it for the other young man.

The second match ended 2-0. Chainsaw's opponent was a very good guard player. He ended up in a triangle that he tried to fight out of but ended up going out of bounds. That is how the other kid scored 2 points.

All in all he did great!!! We have some thing to fix and work on but his next step will be as a juvenile next year.

On July 1st

So today Dan got promoted to brown belt in BJJ. We where just planing on doing a comp class before the tournament in Vegas and to all of our surprise Michael Chapman and Tracy Chapman just walk on in the door. They joined our class and helped us out with some questions. Then next thing I knew Dan was getting promoted to brown belt. Thank you to Michael and Tracy for believing in Dan. Thank you to all of our students at MWAMA for the thousands of hours of mat time and always making him work for it. Thank you to the whole Impact Jiu JItsu family for all the help and guidance. And thank you to everyone that has ever shared the mats with Dan from teams around the world. He feels truly blessed and He's still in shock of his new promotion. He will put in tons of work to grow in the belt and he looks forward to enjoying his brown belt and the life time of Jiu JItsu in his future.

June 2017

On June 24th

Well we started the morning off right!!! JD took 1st and Ken took 3rd. Then in the afternoon JD place 1st again in NoGi. These two men have worked hard. We are so proud of what they have done.

June Promotions

May 2017

May Promotions

On May 13th

Jeremiah Daniel Mitchell had 3 wins and 6 draws for a total of 9 match. He had 4 gi matches and 5 NoGi matches. All of his wins where in Gi. We are so proud of Jeremiah and all his hard work. Keep it up and all your goals will come.

April 2017

April Promotions

On April 22nd

Karate Tournament Results

Christian took 3rd place in Traditional Kata Division and Brandon took 1st in Kata......AND.....they both also took 1st place in their Point Sparring Divisions!

Mr. Daniel Cates took 2nd in Black Belt Sparring!!!!

Congratulations to all three of you....Amazing job and great representatives of MWAMA!!!!!

On April 8th

What an awesome day!!!! Subleague #1 2017 is in the books. All 5 competitors did an amazing job and we are so proud!!! We have some things to work on but all in all we are on the right path!!! Here are our results:

Kenneth Wilson - 4th in Gi
DT - 2nd Gi
Justin - 1st Gi & 2nd NoGi
James - 2nd Gi & 1st NoGi
Dom - 1st Gi & 2nd NoGi

Like I said everyone did amazing. On Monday we will get back to work and get ready for the next tournament.

On April 1st

Walter Cascao seminar at MWAMA. We had 7 different gyms represented at this seminar. So many awesome people to share the mats with. I just want to thank everyone that came out to support this seminar and to share the day with us. Life is so much better with all of you amazing people. I also want to thank Walter for coming all the way to Klamath Falls to share his Jiu JItsu with us. We have all learned a ton.

March 2017

On March 18th

Both DT and Yoda competed at the IBJJF Pan Am championships. Both young men worked hard and show there amazing skill. DT will be bringing home 3rd place out of 8 competitors. Yoda lost a hard match to an armbar but represented like a champion. We are so proud of both these two warriors.

March Promotions

Febuary 2017

On Febuary 19th

What an amazing day of competing. Zoe and Chainsaw worked their butts off. Both of them had great matchs and showed a ton of heart. Zoe ended up bringing home a 3rd place medal and Chainsaw missed the podium but learned some great lessons. At the end of the day they showed great Jiu JItsu and great sportsmanship. These 2 young people are going places in life and we are happy to share this journey with them. Great job to both of you.

On Febuary 4th

What an awesome seminar with Lucas Leite!!! I have been playing a similar half guard game based off of Lucas's YouTube videos and magazine articles. It was a huge help actually learning the techniques directly from him. Lucas is a great instructor and we learned tons of great stuff. Thank you Ryan Clark for putting on this seminar.

On Febuary 3rd & 4th

On Friday Feb 3rd our friend Byron Higinbotham received his black belt. His demonstration of skill was awesome. Then on Saturday the 4th Matt attended the seminar at Higs Gym. I'm sure he will have some amazing wrist locks and back attacks. It was a busy weekend for all of us at MWAMA.

On Febuary 2nd

Congrats to DT tonight on being MWAMA's first juvenile blue belt in BJJ. This young man has worked his butt off and it's paying off.

January 2017

On January 30th

Great night of testing in Adult Karate. All four of these amazing men did a great job. Keep up all the hard work.

On January 26th

Congratulations to Chainsaw on earning his solid Orange Belt in BJJ. This young mans work ethic is just amazing, he never stop, never complains, he just puts in the work. The future for this amazing young man is going to be awesome. Keep an eye on this guy!!!

On January 21st

What an awesome day for a Jiu JItsu tournament. The 2017 Ground Warrior Submission Challenge was amazing. We had 5 athlete compete this weekend and they all did great. Jeremiah, Chad, Cho, Brandon and Emma put there skill to the test and showed everyone just how hard they have worked. Here are the results:

Jeremiah - 2nd
Brandon - 3rd
Chad, Cho and Emma worked super hard but didn't make it to the podium. We are so proud of all their hard work.

Jeremiah - 3rd
Emma - 3rd
Brandon worked hard in NoGi and he learned a ton. We now know what to work on next. Thank you to all our competitors for coming out and putting on a great show.

All martial arts training should only be used to better ones self and as a path to higher understanding of ones self.  Martial arts should never be used with the intention of purposely seeking to cause harm to others.

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