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What is Brazilian Jiu Jitsu (BJJ)?
BJJ is one of the most effective grappling arts known today. The idea is that a smaller opponent with superior technical skill can successfully subdue a much larger opponent through the use of strikes, takedowns, chokes, and joint-locks.

Variations of the art have existed for centuries but BJJ owes its refinement and popularity mainly to the Gracie family; namely Carlos and Helio Gracie.  These brothers held open competitions in Brazil challenging other martial artists to No Holds Barred (NHB) tournaments further refining BJJ into a complex and effective fighting system.

However, it wasn’t until the 1980’s that BJJ really stormed America when Royce Gracie, son of Helio, popularized the art by skillfully winning the early Ultimate Fighting Championships. Royce, not a physically intimidating man, cleaned out the competition, regardless of size, with the tactful application of BJJ. His success fueled the contagious spread of BJJ to all parts of the globe making Brazilian Jiu Jitsu a required part of any serious fighter’s repertoire.


MWAMA is proud to be an affiliate school of Impact Jiu Jitsu! Impact is the home to 46 Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belts and roughtly 1,000 members across Oregon. They are one of the best and largest academy’s of their kind in the Oregon based original and power house for Oregon Jiu Jitsu! They have achieved this while continuing to maintain the core values that have made them who they are: excellent class content, outstanding coaching, strong ties to our communities, and a very close social network of trusted friends.

Little Warriors (3-6 yrs) - This class is an energetic and creative class geared to capture the attention of the younger students.  We use games, and humor to teach basic BJJ techniques.  We cover rolling, shrimping, the jiu jitsu get up, and so much more. It is amazing what these kids learn while playing games! This class is very physical and hands on promoting respect, discipline, and good choices in a fun and safe environment.

Kids Class 1 - 3 (7-13 yrs) - This class gets right to BJJ.  The kids will learn positions, sweeps, and submissions.  Your kids will learn a technique every week and also have an opportunity to roll live almost every class.  This class will prepare your child for self defense as well as competitions. The belt promotions in this class are based off the IBJJF System. This promotes positive self esteem and helps keeps student goal oriented and rewarded for their efforts and accomplishments.  Your Children will learn both Gi and No-Gi. BJJ Gi will be required for this class.

Adult Class (14 and up) - We offer both Gi BJJ and No-Gi submission wrestling with a style slant towards competition.  You will learn a new technique every class, and you will have the opportunity to work with grapplers of all sizes and skill levels.  We try and spend at least 30 minutes per class to roll live.  We feel the best way to learn/try new techniques is to apply them in a real time scenario.  So whether you’re an experienced grappler, or fresh to the mats, Mountain Warrior’s BJJ/Submission Grappling will be an excellent addition to your martial arts journey.



All martial arts training should only be used to better ones self and as a path to higher understanding of ones self.  Martial arts should never be used with the intention of purposely seeking to cause harm to others.

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