"Dan and Wendy and the MWAMA staff are amazing. They invest in the lives of our kids, not only through great karate instruction, but through relationships with the students. They truly care for every student. MWAMA is a great place for your child to grow in self-confidence, while learning life-long skills." - Sharon Cosand


"We are so blessed to be a part of the MWAMA family. Not only do they teach the skills necessary to excel in Karate, but more importantly, they care about the character development of my children more. They are patient and caring and go out of their way to try and connect with my kids. They have even attended events outside of the dojo to support their other interests. The growth in my children's self esteem and confidence is unbelievable. I highly recommend the caring instructors and staff at MWAMA!" - Vanessa Woodley Jones

"Mountain Warriors is a wonderful place! There is an expectation of respect, hard work, and fun. A place where all age groups can learn and be a part of the family." - Kirstin Chiasson


"During our child's study at MWAMA we have witnessed a remarkable growth in self confidence and discipline with him. The structure and guidance that the caring staff has provided is well beyond what he would learn in other extra curricular activities. Their stress on respect and the seriousness that they bring and teach to the art has helped install life lessons to our child. With love and individual attention they teach respect, teamwork, boundaries, and self confidence in a relaxed, family friendly environment. Not to mention that our 11 year old can now take down his old man, Lol ! We are eternally grateful that this program came to our town and we had the opportunity to become involved." - Christine Kluge Donati


"We are very lucky to have a family like MWAMA. They truly do the best for my son so he learns the best that he can. I would recommend them to you, to come and see how they work." - Marie Sari


"We had heard such great things about MWAMA and their after school program, so last summer we tried out a couple days of Karate. Our son loved it and we loved the way Dan and the staff interacted with our son. Our son has gross motor delay and we were looking for something to help build his muscles. We found it! Our son's confidence has improved tremendously; not to mention his skills have improved, so he is not lagging so far behind. We can't thank MWAMA enough for all that they do for us and our child and highly recommend them to anyone." - Matt and Rochelle Cottingham


"Our two daughters began the Little Warriors class in September of 2012 when they were turning 4 & 5 years old.  From the beginning, we were very impressed with Dan and the way he ran the class.  He keeps it very high energy, the kids are always moving, but they are also learning Japanese, jiu-jitsu, karate, discipline, teamwork and much more. Every day is something different and fun.  Dan is great with the kids and very consistent.  He treats them all the same and when someone does something which requires them to sit out a minute, we see they are welcomed back with enthusiasm.  We really enjoy seeing Dan interact with our kids and how awesome he is.  Of course, this is all with the help of his daughter Sierra, who is equally awesome at interacting with the kids in a super positive manner.  There have been many occasions where our kids are having a bad day and she has encouraged them to participate and put a smile on their face.

In January of 2013 our oldest daughter moved up to the Kids Karate class, which is instructed by Wendy, Dan, Ron, Don & Sierra.  They all were very patient and encouraging as she learns new skills.  There have been many occasions I have seen an instructor take extra time to help a child or talk to them if they are having a bad day.  Even though she was the youngest in the class, our daughter immediately felt welcomed, as they encourage an atmosphere of teamwork and do not tolerate kids being mean.  The environment is very positive, with the older kids willingly helping the younger kids. Overall we could not be more pleased with Mountain Warrior.  They foster a very nurturing, fun, & educational environment for the kids.  Many times you see programs for kids where the people running it do not have the kid's best interest at heart.  This program is all about the kids and you can tell the instructors are all there because they love interacting and teaching.  We really appreciate what they do and cannot recommend them highly enough!" - The Castaneda Family



All martial arts training should only be used to better ones self and as a path to higher understanding of ones self.  Martial arts should never be used with the intention of purposely seeking to cause harm to others.

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